Gardenland Power Equipment is an authorized Stokes Ladder dealer.

Stokes Ladders has been manufacturing professional quality ladders since 1960. Stokes designs and builds ladders that are more comfortable to stand on, have more safety features, are easier to use, and are far more durable than consumer grade ladders. Stokes ladders have wider and deeper steps, slip resistance that doesn’t wear off steps, more rugged and durable hinge and support materials, a wider stance and even a shoulder pad for easy carrying of larger tripod ladders.

The Stokes tripod ladders have become the orchardists’ and landscapers’ standard. Three leg ladders are more stable than four leg ladders because they won’t walk like four legs when you are climbing on a ladder. Also, three-legged ladders tend to have rear legs that are farther apart giving more stability. Three leg ladders are easier to level on the uneven ground and more versatile.